• Consultancy in setting up R&D partnerships and/or technology transfer between National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND and other entities;
  • Consultancy in order to identify the needs of businesses in the fields of: Environment and climate change; Biotechnologies; Depollution technologies and to identify supporting solutions;
  • Consultancy in the establishment and development of innovative forms of technological and knowledge transfer, such as innovative start-ups, spin-offs, innovation clusters;
  • Technical assistance and technology transfer, intended for interested entities from the economic/business environment, the scientific community and/or public institutions;
  • The organization of courses and trainings, including training of specialists, on topics specific to the reference areas of National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND
  • Support granted to Development Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND for participation in national and/or international project competitions, including within partnerships, in order to increase the degree of innovation and develop the transfer of advanced technologies;
  • Organizing matchmaking events, workshops, round tables, on topics of interest in the field of environmental protection, innovation and technology transfer;
  • Activities to promote and disseminate R&D results, with the aim of increasing the visibility and identification of technology transfer contracts/projects and/or knowledge transfer (specialist publications, invention salons, national and international fairs and exhibitions, conferences and symposiums, the environment online etc.);
  • The identification of new possibilities of membership in technology transfer structures/networks/organizations, to increase the visibility, the degree of recognition of R&D results and to facilitate their valorization;
  • Ensuring administrative measures for managing the results of R&D activities;
  • Assistance given to R&D staff, for the identification and protection of industrial property rights, including the development of documentation regarding the patenting process.