Target group

Technology Transfer Centre TTC – ECOIND ‘s target groups are included in the following sectors and areas of activity:

  • Extractive industry sector
    • fields: extraction and preparation of metalliferous ores, extraction of ores, including for the construction materials industry, extraction and preparation of minerals for the chemical industry and natural fertilizers, etc.
    • target groups: exploitation units, kings, etc.
  • The chemical and petrochemical industry sector
    • fields: manufacture of chemical and petrochemical substances and products, manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, etc.
    • target groups: large enterprises, SMEs, etc.
  • The manufacturing industry sector
    • field: metallurgical industry, construction industry, processing of paper, cardboard, packaging, manufacturing of machines, machinery, and equipment, etc.
    • target groups: large enterprises, SMEs, etc.
  • Water distribution sector, community services, public utilities, waste management, decontamination and environmental protection activities
    • fields: water capture, treatment and distribution, waste water collection and purification, waste collection, treatment and disposal; recovery activities of recyclable materials, decontamination activities and services, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, etc.
    • target groups: water kings, public institutions, large enterprises, SMEs, etc.
  • The agriculture, forestry and fishing sector
    • field: plant and grain cultivation; animal husbandry; bird breeding; fishing and aquaculture, etc.
    • target groups: large enterprises, SMEs, public institutions, etc.

In this context, Technology Transfer Centre TTC – ECOIND will develop, together with interested entities from the business/economic environment, the academic environment, the scientific community and/or with public institutions, activities such as the development of modern technologies, the development of design capabilities and the development of new products, including through cooperation within the EU.