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We support innovation through collaboration and the development of partnerships.

With a particular openness to research – development – innovation, we are with our partners in the process of solving the environmental problems they are facing. We may engage in research and service activities related to the control, assessment, prevention, reduction and control of industrial pollution.

 Address: Bucharest, Drumul Podu Dâmboviței Street, No. 57-73, 6th District

 Telephone: +4021.410.03.77/ int.153; +4021.410.67.16;

 Fax: +4021.410.05.75


Organizational Chart of
Technology Transfer Center TTC – ECOIND

We are the TTC – ECOIND TEAM:

PhD. Ioana-Iulica MIHAI – Director of Technology Transfer Center TTC – ECOIND; Innovation Manager; Scientific researcher;

  • Planning, organization, coordination of the center activity; Registration, management, and capitalization of R&D results; Business assistance for innovation and technology transfer; Development of projects in partnership with the business environment;
  • Innovation management system implementation at National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND level;

PhD. Mihai ȘTEFĂNESCU – Responsible for environmental technologies, experimental models, and prototypes; Technologies Broker; Scientific researcher;

  • Assistance and consultancy for making experimental models and prototypes of environmental technologies;
  • Technological information; Elaboration of technologies for the treatment of waste water with complex impurity; Elaboration of drinking water technologies; Assessment of the pollution impact of environmental factors; Remediation of soils; Waste treatment and stabilization;

PhD. Gabriela-Geanina VASILE – Responsible for methods, methodologies, and analytical determinations; Specialist in analytical chemistry; Specialist in water, soil and waste pollution control; Scientific researcher;

  • Consultancy for projects in national and international programs; Realization of experimental studies; Scientific research services; Indexing of articles and abstracts in international databases; Reviewer of articles for publication;
  • Courses on analytical methods validation; Training for using equipment that applies spectrometric methods;

PhD. Lucian-Alexandru CONSTANTIN – Responsible for environmental assessments and studies, marketing and financial monitoring; Scientific researcher; Economist;

  • Marketing activity; Identification of business partners and competition; Risk factor assessments; Feasibility studies; Market studies; Business plan; Financial monitoring of Technology Transfer Center TTC – ECOIND projects;
  • Courses dedicated to the implementation of tools for increasing eco-efficiency: clean production analysis; environmental cost management; the industrial symbiosis;

PhD. Oana-Cătălina ȚĂPURICĂ – Responsible for consulting activities in Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Transfer (TT); Scientific researcher;

  • IP and TT consultancy;
  • Elaboration and implementation of national and/or international projects/programs;
  • Training and courses on innovation and technology transfer topics;