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Brief presentation

Technology Transfer Center TTC – ECOIND is established as a department within the National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND, since 2016, is part of the National Network of Innovation and Technological Transfer (ReNITT) and functions as an entity of the innovation infrastructure and technology transfer, being accredited according to Accreditation Certificate no. 126/2021.

The areas of accreditation of  Technology Transfer Center TTC – ECOIND, respectively Environment and climate change; Biotechnologies; Depollution technologies correspond to the expertise of National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND, and the activities they carry out mainly aim at: increasing the level of information of the business environment (SMEs), NGOs and public institutions regarding new technologies and services in the field environmental protection, development of the stage of implementation of these technologies and services, increasing the competitive level of Romanian SMEs in the competitive context, increasing the volume of technological information exchanged between other research institutes, the university environment and the economic environment.

TTC – ECOIND collaborates and supports the business environment, mainly SMEs, which carry out specific activities in the fields of Environment and climate change, Biotechnologies, Depollution technologies, with the aim of increasing economic competitiveness, knowledge, the degree of innovation, re-technology, and technology and/or knowledge transfer. The economic advantages of collaboration are based on the principle of synergy, and the results of R&D, on the market or at the organization level, are successfully applied in the business environment, being introduced into the economic circuit in the form of new products, processes and services or being perfected.

TTC – ECOIND aims to disseminate and capitalize on the research results obtained within National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND, trying to create an interdependence between research entities, the business environment, and public institutions, through a cooperative relationship, pursuing the mutual advantages offered by the development of the process of innovation and technology transfer.

TTC- ECOIND promotes the commercial exploitation of R&D results, supports the entrepreneurial spirit, supports innovation and competitiveness, thus participating in the process of transforming the innovative potential of ideas into innovation.