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Service OFFER

  • Consultancy, technical assistance and expertise in the field of environmental technologies, intended for economic agents from the target group:
    • Technological evaluation to identify needs and technological solutions;
    • Realization of experimental models and prototypes of environmental technologies: wastewater treatment with complex impurity; water purification;
    • Transfer of water treatment/potability technologies; wastewater treatment; depollution of contaminated soils;
    • Methods and methodologies of waste characterization and classification into hazard classes;
    • New methods for determining substances/mixtures of chemical substances with complex structures;
    • Elaboration, optimization of unitary and integrated technical solutions for the purpose of obtaining drinking water / purification of industrial or municipal waste water;
    • Chemical and biological sludge processing;
    • Remediation of anthropogenically polluted soils;
    • Waste treatment with recovery of useful products;
    • Ensuring experimental services in the laboratory and on pilot stations in order to optimize environmental technologies and achieve technology transfer;
    • Provision of various services in the field of environmental protection: physico-chemical and microbiological determinations for surface/deep waters, physico-chemical characterization of solid fuels, physico-chemical characterization for calculating the level of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental services, at the request of economic agents.
  • Elaboration of environmental studies in order to obtain the regulatory acts necessary to carry out activities with an impact on the environment:
    • Environmental approval; Environmental Agreement; Environmental authorization; Integrated environmental authorization;
  • Participation to national and European project competitions;
  • Assistance in the development of project proposals within national and European funding programs;
  • Assistance regarding the identification of business partners from the country and abroad, as well as possible investors in the field;
  • Creating partnerships that facilitate contact between specialists / research groups / university groups and economic operators in the field, including supporting the creation of internal and international partnerships for participation in national or European project competitions;
  • Organization of events on topics related to environmental protection:
    • Conferences and symposiums; workshops; matchmakings; roundtables; courses and seminars;
  • Consulting in the field of intellectual property;
  • Professional improvement of the staff of economic agents by organizing trainings and courses in the field of environmental protection;
  • Training and supporting SMEs in the implementation of the Integrated Quality-Environmental Management System and the Innovation Management System;